Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review of the NIV Life Application Study Bible (2011 Edition)

Life Application Study Bible NIV

As most of my readers know, the NIV has updated their translation of the Bible in 2011. They integrated much of their work with the TNIV into the new NIV. Included in the 2011 New International Version of Scripture is inclusive language for humanity (e.g. humanity instead of mankind, not using the male pronoun when speaking of  people in general etc.). I think it is a needed correction, and the NIV reads well. The new NIV also made some needed changes in readability, using conversational English instead of borrowing the overly formal and somewhat stilted phrasing of versions like the RSV or KJV. It is a good change, and I think the new NIV will be a great tool for communicating to the next generation.

The NIV Life Application Study Bible is a re-release of the Life Application Study Bible with updates for the New NIV. That means that the publishers updated the text, some of the notes to correspond with the language of the text, and they also updated the concordance to match the new version.

Still prominent in the NIV Life Application Study Bible are the things that made is so popular in the first place. Those things include:

  • Extensive study notes
  • Guidelines for teachers and church leaders for use of the study Bible and teaching in general
  • Helpful introductions to each book
  • Insightful charts
  • Explanations of difficult issues that arise in passages in a thoughtful and even handed manner
  • Several charts and diagrams to better help the reader understand what is happening in the text and how to apply it
  • A Harmony of the Gospels
  • A 365 day reading plan appendix
  • a small bible dictionary
  • helpful maps at the back of the Bible.
  • many more helps and guides
I would recommend this Bible to a new believer seeking to understand and apply God's word. This study bible combines easy to understand helps in understanding with the great new NIV translation. If you are looking for a new Bible, pick this up.

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