Sunday, January 08, 2012

Our next to last weekend in Colorado

Today, we spent our second to last weekend in Colorado. Because I had the week off, we decided to go to Colorado Springs and worship at my old church, First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs.

It was nice to be there, and to see a lot of old friends. Many of them had not met Karis, so it was fun to show her off as well.

After church we went with our friends Freddie and Dawn Martinez to Old Chicago's. I had some Italian Nachos. It was a lot of fun.

I was surprised how much different the church felt as a worshiper instead of as a staff person. People were friendlier than ever, and it felt good to reconnect with everyone. There was none of the judgement and hard edge that I experienced as a staff person. I felt, as I sat there, that as a member I could really enjoy being at this church.

We then traded in my shirt that was sun damaged at Casual Male XL and headed home. It was a nice day.

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lailani said...

I hope your remaining time is full of sweet moments like this! Hope your move is full of ease and good memories!

By the way: what a beautiful church!