Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Review of Revelation for Everyone by N.T. Wright

Revelation for Everyone
by N.T. Wright
ISBN 978-0664227975
Westminster John Knox Press
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Tom Wright is one of my favorite Christian teachers and writers. Perhaps there is no other resource from him that I have appreciated more than his "for Everyone" series on the New Testament. Revelation for Everyone is especially interesting because NT Wright's views on the book of Revelation, eschatology, and the afterlife do not fit neatly into a particular camps ideas, but are profoundly biblical.

I am developing a preaching series on the book of Revelation that goes over the high water marks in this fine boo, and what I have discovered is that N.T. Wright is more down to earth and forthright in explaining what is happening in the book of Revelation than what I expected. Often, he is graceful in his presentation, leaving room for views other than his own, and giving space to futurists, while at the same time placing the Book of Revelation in its historical context.

Often Wright picks up on a key word or action in the text, that is a key to understanding the passage, and then he explains how and why it is important. He also does a good job at tying together the connections of Revelation to other parts of the biblical canon.

I strongly recommend this book as a resource, alongside of others that might give you different perspectives as well. With many voices, you will get a well-rounded picture.

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