Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Review of The Searchers by Joseph Laconte

The Searchers
by Joseph Laconte
ISBN 978-1-5955-5446-8
Thomas Nelson Inc.
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Christian apologetics takes many forms. Some people commend the faith through citing evidences of the resurrection and the authority of Scripture. Others argue the faith through reasoning with others to accept the truth of Christ. Some, like Joseph Laconte in his book The Searchers commends the faith through a combination of the methods above with a sharing of the journey of the personal discovery and practice of faith.

The Searchers focuses in on the experience of the followers of Jesus on the road to Emmaus in the gospel of Luke. In the process it also shares about the author's own pilgrimage as he grieves.

Laconte explores grief from a number of different angles. In the process he shares about the journeys of other people throughout history, as well as modern persons of faith. He also uses the poignant imagery of doubt and faith that occurs in popular culture as well.

The Searchers is a little slow, but it is well-written and intelligent. There are several great stories within this story, and I will take note of many of them and use them again at some point. There are several well-researched quotes as well.

This book has the feel of a quest. Certainly, that is what Laconte intended, that his readers would walk with him and come to a strong, deep, well-founded faith in Jesus Christ that has dealt with doubt, and overcome it. I would recommend this book to seekers and disciples alike.

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