Friday, October 27, 2006

Dave Matthews Band - Everyday

This is my favorite video of all time. And it is my favorite video because it speaks so much to the nature of my calling to the ministry.

For example, look at how difficult a time he has at the beginning of the video, and how the movement he is a part of begins to grow and grow as he goes along. In the end other people are beginning to catch on and he no longer has to be the center of the mission.

Also, look at his ordinariness. He is a fairly plain, average looking guy dressed in very average garb.

It also speaks to the essence of the gospel, communicating to each person their eternal value to God.

Amazing video.


Brownsoul said...

I love the song and the video. Great observation. I looked at it in a whole new light when I read your post. Keep doing what God has called you to do, Clint! Love ya!

Jen said...

So you know Dave is my man and I have heard this song hundreds of times, but had never seen the video. I found the statement below after thinking about how you related to the song... it's from a commencement address that Dave Matthews gave in 2005 at Haverford College.

"God made you what you are, so why would he want you to be something other than you are. Why would he want you to pretend you are something you are not, because your heart is what God made it. And so, our responsibility to God, however difficult it is, is to be what we are. To be present, not to put up a façade that makes us feel safer. It’s not always easy. I’m faking it a lot of times. I wish I could fake it a little better. Although in a way you are more vulnerable and vile things happen to you when you experience joy, you get a mouthful of it, you know when you experience goods things. Because it comes right to you, you’re right there, because you’re not busy trying to make sure no one notices that behind that perfect, or average, or fitting-in façade is really what God made you. So be yourselves I guess is what I wanted to say. Be present."

Dave’s speaking is often disjointed, but he always makes good points. So many DMB songs reflect his search for and life with God. Check out Bartender… I think it is on the Weekend on the Rocks CD I made for you.