Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Review of Acts: Reformation Commentary on Scripture, Vol VI


Acts: Reformation Commentary on Scripture
ed. by Esther Chung-Kim and Todd R. Hains
ISBN 978-0-8308-2969-9
IVP Academic
Reviewed by Clint Walker

This is the latest in the series that seeks to gather together Reformation perspectives on different portions of Scripture, and gather them together in a commentary. This particular commentary goes passage by passage through the book of Acts, drawing out what Bible teachers had to say about this portion of Scripture in this important epoch in church history.

Both of the scholars that have edited this particular commentary are fairly early in their academic careers. Esther Chung-Kim teaches at Claremont McKenna College in California. She is a student of church history, and appears to have a lot of experience with doctrinal history within the church, which comes in very helpful in compiling Reformation documents for a Bible commentary. Todd Hains is finishing his doctorate, but also has a career in editorial work at a Christian publisher. It is nice to see IVP empowering young academics in this commentary series. And, these two fine people did a fine job with this commentary.

The editors did a fine job of including a number of different Reformers, using quotes from both the "big guns" of the Reformation, as well as other resources that many people will know less about. This allows the reader to search a certain passage, and see quotes from Calvin and Erasmus next to quotes from Luther and the English Annotations.

The authors also do a great job of balancing certain schools of thought and interpretation that came about during the Reformation era. Some Reformers were more interested in one thing that another, or had local concerns that influenced their writing. The balance of perspectives helps us get a better picture of the Reformation, as well as of the Scripture as a whole.

I recommend highly adding this book to your collection, and considering a subscription to the Reformation Commentary on Scripture series.

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