Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Review of The NIV Fast Facts Bible


NIV Fast Facts Bible
ISBN 978-0-310-4316-6
Zondervan Publishing

Every year, publishers try to come out with a few new Bibles for study and purchase. Each of these Bibles has a different set of "extras" in it. Many of them are very well done. For instance, I got an "Outdoorsman" Bible that was perfect for a friend of mine that loves the outdoors. I have several different kinds of study Bibles, and each offer help in different ways. So, I was excited for this fast facts Bible.

I have to say, after looking through the Fast Facts Bible from Zondervan, I am really quite disappointed. Really they added a very brief book introduction, and a quiz at the end of every book of the Bible, and that is about it. I mean, I expected sidebars highlighting interesting facts, or perhaps the roots of some idioms that we use today, or something.

To add to it, this particular Bible is grossly overpriced. It is a paperback with average print, no study notes, and very little even in the way of a concordance or maps, yet it is being sold for well over twenty dollars. Look elsewhere for a translation to help you grow in your faith, or even just to have a Bible if you are seeking your first. There is a lot better out there.

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