Thursday, January 06, 2022

Book Review of Isaiah and the Worry Pack


Isaiah and the Worry Pack

by Ruth Goring

Illustrated by Pamela C. Rice

IVP Kids

ISBN 978-1-5140-0106-6

Reviewed by Clint Walker

    Isaiah has a lot of concerns that are heavy on his heart. Will his mom make enough money? Can his dad do alright living away from the rest of the family? Will his sister ever behave? Will he ever be able to sleep? So he carries his concerns with him everywhere, like a backpack full of heavy blocks.

    One night his mother comes to check in on him. After listening to his worrries, she leads him in an imaginative prayer exercise where he encounters the loving and risen Christ. Jesus helps Isaiah lean how to deal with his worries.

    Written with a child's ear in mind, the author shares a story of compassion, thoughtfulness and deep spirituality that relates to the lives that kids are living every day. The book provides a good story for kids, and some helpful tools for the adults who are reading with their kids in helping their kids bring their burdens to Christ.

    What a beautiful book.

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