Friday, January 25, 2008

New Blogs

My friend Steve is blogging now. He is a youth sponsor in our church and a member of our CHOW small group. Most of his lengthy posts right now are political in nature, but he assures me that he will be writing on a range of subjects as his blog progresses. Steve is smart, witty, ornery, and moderately conservative.

My friend Michele is also blogging again. Michele was also a youth sponsor who worked with me a couple of years when I was at Belgrade Community Church in Montana. They are now reaffiliated with the Episcopal denomination (I think) in Bozeman. Michele is a mother and a saleswoman who is marketing products for people with food allergies. The company is called Reliv. Her blog is not just about her product, but if you are seeking help with food allergies you might want to talk with her.

Tabitha is a friend of someone I went to high school with in Alaska. She lives in Anchorage, and shares a lot about her struggles as a stay at home mother and her spiritual discoveries as she seeks to follow Jesus.

I went to high school with Heidi (Harrington in high school) in Homer, Alaska. We both made it to high school fairly early in the mornings, especially our freshman year. We did not hang out together too much outside of school when we were younger, but it has been fun for me to reconnect with her as an adult. It also makes me feel old that she has a teenager that could be in my youth group. Heidi actually has several blogs, but this is the one I can get into and comment on. Particularly interesting now is her link to a story on stupid eagles on Kodiak Island. Heidi still lives in Alaska.

Just for fun I threw in a high school picture from my younger and (sadly I did not realize it) skinnier days.


Heidi said...

I thought those were Homer High jersey's. Where/when were you guys playing? I never remember our football games being played in the dark?

reliv4life said...

Thanks clint! Nice pic!! I always think back when I was young and I always thought I was so fat! boy, I would take that body back now anyday!!! FYI - Reliv is not for allergies... check out my blog for details!

Friar Tuck said...

@ heidi--We were playing in Juneau. Last game of my senior year. Ben Cogger had taken it gave it to me last year.

@michele--Sorry about the oversimplification of your nutritional products. I am sure people can click over and read your post if they want to learn more.

rubyslipperlady said...

love the snapshot!

Ivan Wolfe said...

Hey what's up!

Always good to know about other Homer High alumni who blog.

I've started blogging again (and Clint, expect a wedding gift in the mail sometime in the next two weeks).

reliv4life said...

Friar, where have you been, I miss your posts!!

Heidi said...

Hey, Ivan, I hear your dad has a new book out. I am hoping my Dad gets it so I can borrow it....okay I am cheep! I should just go buy one.

Sorry Clint for using your blog as a message/SPAM board ;)!