Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Update: A New Tradition


the weekend that was: It was a busy but fun weekend
friday: got home late from working out. Did not do much on Friday night.

saturday: I spent a lot of time working with Jennifer on house organization and cleaning. We tried to rearrange the furntiture but it did not work. It always feels so much better when the house is clean. Then I spent quite a bit of time working on church stuff--getting all the stuff for worship and Sunday School together.

we did church in the morning. It went well. We got lunch and did some shopping for Sunday night in Pueblo after church. I met with parents about camp stuff.

on my to-do list this week:
the usual--Bible study, sermon, etc etc.
also: meals on wheels tuesday as well as a ministerial alliance special meeting
watch the march madness coverage while working
miss jenny while she is at her class all week

procrastinating about: church directory

book i’m in the midst of:
Steve Wolfe's Call Me Coach. Makes me nostalgic for Alaska. Too bad I am a gypsy. Fun to learn things about a person you knew that you did not know about them.

music that seemed to catch my attention this past week:
I have been obscessed with U2 and Jakob Dylan this last week. I just got a Jamey Johnson album.

big excitment coming up: My minister's small group is coming to town. I am excited about it. I am also nervous about it. I hope I am a good enough host.

how i’m feeling about this week: wishing i could feel caught up


Stan said...

See that you are reading Steve Wolfe's first book. That book is hard to follow unless you are a Homer Wrestling History fan because the names have been changed. His second book, "Call Us Champions" is very good and surrounds the period of time you were in school. In this book he used actual names, some with a slight deviation but enough you know who it was. Highly recommend it, you should enjoy the stories. Steve is doing well, still involved in wrestling, retired form teaching. Darryl White called me from South Korea about a year ago, he was there on a mission and should be back in the states now. A lot of the wrestlers you knew are still here, John Neland is coaching the Popeye Wrestling in Anchor Point and doing a good job. His picture graces the cover of Steve's second book.

reliv4life said...

this is great, think I will steal it!