Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Friar Tuck goes Dumpster Diving

It is 10am. I am at the bottom of a nearly empty dumpster. How did I get there? Well, that is an interesting story.

I was heading out to work about an hour before, and suddenly started to panic, because I had no idea where my wallet was. Normally this is a crisis. But, with my vehicle registration overdue, and my check coming to me today, I went into full scale panic mode.

At first, I started stumbling around cussing like a sailor. Then I started taking deep breathes and giving myself affirmation statements like, "Just settle down, Clint, you will find it....now take another deep breathe...where haven't you looked you big stud you..." Then I got into panic prayer mode. "Dear God....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE"..which worked into resume prayers...you know where you try and tell God why you deserve to find the wallet. Finally I came to the conclusion that I must have thrown away the wallet. Which meant........DUMPSTER DIVING.

At first I thought I could reach the bags I had thrown in last night without diving into the dumpster. So I teetered on the edge of the dumpster, hands reaching down on one side, and legs kicking around on the other. Unfortuneately, my body style and center of gravity in not compatable with this, so I rocked back and forth on my belly like a teeter-totter and got nowhere.

So I decided to jump in, using the handles for the trash truck to pull myself up so I could jump in. Now I was stuck five feet below in the dumpster. After a little while I figured a way out. Went into the house. Threw the cushions on my couch everywhere. Then took one last look and there was my wallet. In the pouch to my backpack sitting in the car.


The Gig said...

What a story -- amusing? yes somewhat. I am glad you found your wallet. I have a good friend who told me when I loose things, just pray to God and ask him to have the Holy Spirit reveal to you the whereabouts of whatever you have lost. It mostly almost always works. Try it next time.

.: raven :. said...

i hate when that happens

Michele said...

wish I could have been a fly on the wall...or in the dumpster at least!! LOL

Oricon Ailin said...

Lord I have done that numerous times. One time, I had searched high and low for my very expensive prescription sunglasses. They were $400 because of the unsual prescrip on them. I thought for sure I had thrown them away. For weeks we searched high and low, the first couple of days I did lots of dumpster diving where I had thrown away all my stuff. Didn't find them there either!

Many weeks later, my bro went to have his car cleaned and stuff. And he was reaching under the seat of his car and felt something stuck. One day when we went geocaching together, they fell down between the seat and the center console and got stuck.


So, I'm SOOOO glad that you found your wallet. *HUGS* I'm glad that everything worked out well.


Brea said...

Ooops! I'm not laughing, really I'm not . . .

Miz Peg said...

Here's the thing. You did not give up! That's important to remember in life. Never give up if you want something bad enough.

Anonymous said...

@ Ori - I remember that, I lived through that saga.

@ Friar - At least your parents didn't put you in the dumpster. MY parents chose to put me into a charity bin to recover stuff that had gone missing.