Monday, June 13, 2005

My Most Controversial Post Ever

After reading Escaping the Saints I have been thinking about posting on something so contoversial, I think I might just make everyone angry. So I stalled on it. But now I think I will share with you anyway.

Similarities between Islamic fundamentalism and Mormonism: Some introductory thoughts

After reading/listening to Escaping the Saints and getting about half way through Reading Lolita in Tehran, it has become apparent that these two religious movements share many similarities. They are:

1. Both of their key leaders married 14 year old girls while they were in their 30s.

2. Both limit the things that their academics are allowed to read, think about and
speak of that may run in conflict with current religious leadership.

3. Both have secret police that seek out and oppress dissidents (look up the Daneites in Mormon life for instance).

4. Both officially condone polygamy (although the mainstream Mormon church has chosen to take a break from this for a while, plural marriage still is a religious tenet of Mormonism.)

5. Both think they are going to be having mad passionate sex in eternity with their plural wives.

6. Both are vocally patriarchal, and view women as property of men.

7. Both have special clothes that they are supposed to wear, although Mormons are a little more superstitious about theirs.

8. Both have a culture which sees itself as victims, and thus justify much of their behavior that may be questionable as self defense of an oppressed minority.

9. Both shun and threaten harm to family members who disagree with official religious teaching.


Mark in Mexico said...

visit for much more.

You need a trackback feature.

Michele said...

I found it interesting. I need to look into this, it is intriquing. No offense, since I am neither of these religions...but wouldn't like to actually see these written down if I was.

Don Tate II said...

I kinda like the mad passionate sex in eternity with their plural wives- thing.

Friar Tuck said...

Yes, Don, it is a draw for many men!

Friar Tuck said...

Ok, Michele, I understand what you are saying. Here is something to think about though. Would this be hard to hear because we have such strong prejudices against Islam, or because Islam is so bad.

The Gig said...

Your opinons are your opinions and you chose to write them in your blog. I would like to comment on number 8. It sounds as though you may be talking about Michael Jackson. In answer to your question in my blog -- as a person of color, it hurts to see another person as such become involved in the system such as Michael Jackson and even O.J. In my opinion those trials were hyped up and publisized too much. O.J.'s trial is the only one I have seen that was actually shown on T.V. pretty much every day. I'm not one of these "everybody is picking on me because I'm black" kind of people but I believe I am capable of seeing a situation for what it is. I'm not prejudice against any race -- I view people as people no matter what race they are. I just believe that the media exaggerates situations, especially those that involve celebrities of color. I prayed about this situation asking to have him convicted if he is guilty and letting him be acquited if he is not.

Friar Tuck said...

Actually, Gig, this was something that was brought up in Escaping the Saints. That they justified past errors and continue to justify things that are immoral through a culture of victimization which says that the ends justify the means.

Friar Tuck said...

They being Mormons.

Islamic terrorists have the same ends justify the means mentality when it comes to terrorism. These countries are evil. Thus killing non combatants justifies the means of hurting greedy, millitaristic America.

Michele said...

I guess I meant I wasn't offended by the post because it didn't seem to really apply to me in a direct way. If I was Islam or would probably offend me because it would be directly related to something close to me, does that make sense? I have another there ever been or is there now a religion where women have multiple partners and lots of sex in the afterlife? Seems like it is always about the man's pleasure...