Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Small, Small World

Square Slant, Miss Peg, and Staff Sargent's Wife all have a mutual connection.

Miss Peg's brother and sister in law are friends of mine!

Isn't that weird? Linked at the bottom of my blog is Amy, Queen of Corn. She is also a Sterling College graduate like me (class of 1995 for me, 1996 for Amy). Miss Peg is a graduate of Sterling High School (Sterling, KS--Class of 1955). So we went to school in the same town. So what? That is bound to happen through anonymous contacts on the internet you say.

Well, you have not heard the whole story.

When I was in Sterling, I did not really come in having a home church. So, I went to the closest Baptist church. Hated it. Too much focus on the end times and fiery judgement and all of that. Plus,having just recently sensed a call to ministry, I wanted to be somewhere where I could serve.

So I ended up walking to the middle of town from the college where I attended First Baptist Church. I taught Sunday School there, and did children's messages. I was surrounded with support and encouragement in this church of 40 people. The Shepherds (who have both passed away now), and the Maxwells were wonderful encouragements. But the couple that really reached out, supported me, and fanned the flames of my call to ministry were Eddie and Phyllis Fulton. And, Eddie is Ms. Peg's brother. Square Slant and Staff Sergent Wife's uncle.

It is a small, small world.

And hopefully, Miss Peg will take some pictures that she can post.

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Miz Peg said...

Padre, I will try to do that with the assistance of Square Slant. She is a pro when it comes to photography. They will be so surprised when I tell them about you. And uh...yes.... you are right about the high pitched voice!

Wonder if I can take it with this new hearing aid????