Saturday, June 25, 2005

I never knew I was so scandalous--another singleness rant

Well, it seems that I always run into the same roadblocks in dating relationships.


I get this same message in lots of different ways. Sometimes it is direct. I had one conversation like this. Here is a conversation I had recently.

"I am just not sure I could ever date a pastor. I just dont think being a pastor is right. The Bible seems to say...(on and on for about five minutes)."

"It sounds like it would be easier for you if I was a male prostitute," I said laughing

"Well, in many ways it would," she returned.

Or then there is the let me summarize my beliefs about God so you know I am not compatable with you. The just so you know I am a Christian but....conversation.

When I got into ministry, I never anticipated. I thought, naively, it would be the opposite. That there would be single women I would meet in church circles that would not only be open but be excited about finding a decent Christian guy...even if I am not the prettiest guy on the block. But after 7 years in full time pastoral ministry I have to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

Nothing scares women inside and outside of the church more than dating or marrying a pastor.

Now, there are those women who think it a challenge to date a minister type and pull him away from the pastorate. Somehow, they think there feminine wiles are just about equal competition for the Almighty and they try to win me over to their side. Some of these comptetitions have been close, but in the end the ministry and the Lord won out.

So, if you have advice for me besides EHARMONY, I am open to listen.


traci said...

That is interesting Clint. I don't think I have any advice for you but don't lose hope. I, for example, think that marrying a pastor would be amazing. But I suppose that is just me!

Michele said...

I too do not have advise, or I have probably already given it. Anyway, I know you are a great guy and any girl that can not see that is not worth your time!

Oricon Ailin said...

I agree with both Traci and Michele. You seem to be such a sweet, incredibly talented, and handsome man. Any woman who can't see that and doesn't appreciate that DOESN'T deserve you. *HUGS* Hang in there and don't give up. God knows what He is doing and will provide you with the right opportunity when the time is right. Have faith!

Brea said...

My best friend's father is a pastor. All I can say is, you have taken a difficult path. But life need not be easy to be beautiful. There is someone who is worth waiting for - even if you have to weed through all the others to find her. Just don't give up - be yourself. Perhaps God is teaching you patience??

P.S. Good people are just hard to find - even male stippers have a hard time finding women who want more than their body ;)

Michele said...

Love the stripper comment, never thought of it in that perspective before...mmmmm

Yogger said...

Hey Dude... I totally know what you mean... I'm a pastor and i've been in ministry for almost 5 years... same kinda stuff. Not the male prostitue comment though... wow.