Monday, June 27, 2005

Lifeshock Moment

Strangely enough with how busy I am and all that I have on my plate, I got done with most of my church stuff on Saturday at about 7:15. This was my goal, because it allowed me to go to the BIG PARTY of the year at my apartment complex.

Now, while there I was goofin off a little bit, helping clean up, and came over to talk to some people. A woman asked me, "Do you wanna get laid?"

With a jaw dropped and no response from me she gave me her Hawaiian flower necklace. Her boyfriend asked what she was doing. I am just giving this nice OLD man my laiegh she said.


When did I get to be an OLD man? OLD!

Well I got done trading gift certificates so that they were all at Target, and then went to the store. I came to the conclusion they were right. I am getting old. Although, that is not necessarily ALL bad. But a lot of the raunchy hip-hop stuff that they were dirty dancing to in the dance contest seems a little young for me. I kept wondering why they would not play anything dancable. And then some 4th grade girl came running past me in some racy outfit and I started asking myself, what kind of parent lets their kids out of their house dressed that way in elementary school?

MY LIFESHOCK MOMENT: I am an old duffer at 31.


Anonymous said...

The Hawaiian lei? Cool. Lucky that you got that; they're supposed to be amazing.

And Friar Tuck, you are only as young as you feel.

Brea said...

I hope 31 isn't old - I fast approach it!! How old was she?! Geez . . .

SquareSlant said...

Friar - not old just still shockable. There out lot out there that shocks younger people than you!

The Gig said...

You are definitely not old. If you are old, that makes me ancient and I don't feel ancient yet.

I would just say you are a young man with morals -- after all, you are a man of God.