Friday, October 07, 2005

Quicky Clean-Ups are Insufficient

So, last week I had been puttering away at cleaning house. I had gotten home from work about midnight on Saturday night, and suddenly came to the realization that the work I had done early in the week had been undone by the rest of the week. And, a friend was coming to town on Sunday, and would most likely drop by my apartment.

So, I did the best I could to get something done between 1am and 2am cleaning (which looked fairly presentable). Of course the friend came over on Sunday afternoon, and all I could notice is what was left undone. Damn it! I should have washed the walls down. Shoot! I should have cleaned the INSIDE of the fridge. Everything was picked up, the TV was even dusted, but all the things that were not done have been pounding in my mind like Edgar Allen Poe's Tell Tale Heart.

And I started reflecting today, looking at another thing I missed, that our lives are much the same way. We try and do quicky clean-ups in our life, and it just does not work. Cleaning up the messes in our lives is a process, and it is never a quick and easy process. In fact, when we really work at cleaning something up, things sometimes get messier before they get clean! We live in a world that wants everything quick and easy. But beauty does not come quick and easy. It takes work.
May your life become more and more beautiful each day.


rubyslipperlady said...

Clean the walls? Come on.

I agree though, we often want to find that quick fix and it rarely works. If we can just turn our eyes toward Jesus and let him really wipe the slate clean, it might hurt, but it'll be great, eventually!

Friar Tuck said...

There was this wall in the bathroom that was dirty. I noticed it again today...and that is what inspired the post.

Of course, I think you are more concerned about the seat belt....

Lorna said...

cleaning the INSIDE of the fridge for vistors... mmm I cleaned inside the fridge yesterday - do you think God is saying something here.

Washing wall? Nope. I think you get certified for doing things like that. ROFL

PS LOVED the wedding photos!

SUPER said...

Tell Tale I wish you hadn't mentioned I won't be able to sleep tonight. That story always creeped me out!