Sunday, October 09, 2005

TOOT! TOOT!--A Serious Reflection :)

No, I am not passing gas. I am just feeling pretty proud of myself.

I put in 255 minutes on the elliptical trainer in the last week. That is an average of over 35 minutes a day. Maybe if I keep that up for a year or two I will have to come up with a new name for this blog!!

But seriously.....I have been thinking.

My exercise routine is something I enjoy immensely while I am doing it, and I also feel WONDERFUL after I work out. So what is the problem? Most of the time, although I will be immensely rewarded by the time I get done, I find it hard to get motivated to go to the fitness center (about a block away). Here is a list of the excuses I have made:

I have to get to work (I have a flexible schedule with work and involuntary fitness component to my job description).

I wont be able to sleep if I work out now.

I dont want to get dressed again.

I would rather take a nap

I deserve a break

I will go just after this TV show, then that TV show.....

I should call _______

I will just check my blog and email and then....

So I make a lot of excuses....but when I go I never regret it. The only other place this happens on a regular basis is with my spiritual discipline. I make excuses about how I will pray my Bible another time...give to the next person in need etc. I resist. But when I do those same things that I know feed my soul, I feel refreshed and renewed because I did them. And I wonder...why did I have to make this so difficult.

What situations do you have in your life that are like this?


SUPER said...

My fav excuse for not working out is that I hate having to shower more than once in a day! It drives me nutty!

becca said...

Calling difficult people
Confronting uncomfortable situations
Toning (love cardio, hate toning)
Cleaning my house (really cleaning, like showers, corners, and dusting)

And sometimes spiritual disciplines

Friar Tuck said...

I dont do weights very much.

I am focusing on cardio.

Friar Tuck said...

Also hate phone work of any sort!

Lorna said...

doing my Swedish homework!
cleaning the house
grading papers and especially tests for school

blogging is always more attractive.

rubyslipperlady said...

Swedish homework? Wow. Thesis work, excercise (like I ever do that) and spiritual discipline as well.

Brea said...

I am the same way with running - I have a really hard time getting motivated but once I get out a complete a hard run I feel great!!! Did you know that regular exercise actually increases your energy level?

I think I'm also this way with conflict. If I need to confront someone about something they said or did, I put it off as much as possible. After I have the conversation I feel great and ask myself why I waited so long!

Congrats on exercising consistently - you are doing a great thing for your health :)