Sunday, October 09, 2005

Maybe next time Big John

One of my favorite golfers is John Daly. The overweight, Diet Coke drinking, self-effacing, sometimes chain-smoking (I swear I have seen him set a cig on the ground to hit a ball in the middle of a professional tournament), recovering alcoholic is one of the most fun golfers to watch. He is a big hitter, that wears his emotions on his sleeve. And, he is one of the few succesful professional golfers to ever sport a mullet at the height of his career. He lost to Tiger in a playoff this week. C'mon Tiger....its ok to lose one of these once in a while.


The Gig said...

I have two elderly aunts who love Tiger Woods and wouldn't miss one of his games. One aunt is in her 80's and the other one will be 100 this November. They are quite infatuated with him and get highly upset if he even gets behind. I say that to say this -- they will definitely not agree with you about Tiger even loosing one game. *smiling wide*

Friar Tuck said...


In the interviews after the match Tiger said that even he felt bad beating John least the way it happened.

But they were partners in that prime time match up and everything.