Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review of Coffee with Jesus by David Wiklie

Coffee with Jesus 
ISBN 978-0-8308-3662-8
IVP Books
Reviewed by Clint Walker

A few decades back I became familiar with a magazine that I came to love. It was called the Wittenburg Door, which was later shortened to The Door. It was a witty book full of sarcasm and wit from a Christian perspective. After a while, the magazine was bought by a group that had an ax to grind against televangelists. While I shared their antipathy for television preachers, I felt that the quality slowly declined in their magazine after the sale.

About a year or two ago, I discovered  Coffee with Jesus and its regular appearances on Facebook. I grew to love this wonderful mix of humor and exhortation as well.  The premise of the comic strip is that Jesus has regular encounters with ordinary folks at a local coffee shop. Most of the characters are close to middle-class and white. Satan also makes an appearance, as does a preacher in his collar from time to time.

Jesus clearly exhibits love and acceptance in these comics, but often "calls 'em as he sees em'". He does not avoid challenging the hypocrisy of folks in his sphere of influence. He also does not play the game of giving "church answers" to questions his friends come to him with. He is smart, witty, painfully honest, and compassionate. And, as you listen to him talk to others, he makes you smile.

This book is arranged topically. This allows the reader to search by issues or seasons of the year. I am tempted to scan copies of this book, and use specific strips in PowerPoint presentations for worship from time to time. The messages are that challenging and thought provoking. But, I am not sure what Jesus might say to me the next time we got together for coffee. :)

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