Thursday, October 16, 2014

Starfish and Spiders and Church Movements Ori Brafman and Neil Cole at Sentralized 2014

How does one do starfish innovation in a spider organization?

  • Another question: how does one become an adaptive leader
  • Adaptive leaders should
    • Remember: Good artists copy, great artists steal
    • Create emotional bonds via networks
    • Repurpose ideas
In order to create a culture for starfish innovation one should...
    • Invite unusual suspects to the table
    • Create white space
    • Give circles specific models to solve
    • Shed spotlight on success
    • Change context and start again
Multiplication happens from micro to macro
    • start by reproducing disciples
    • then reproduce leaders
    • then reproduce churches....
Instead of joining a movement of God for people we try to create a movement of people for God

Concentric circles in multiplication
2-3-- life change
25-75--place to train and equip
120-150--a tribe
300-500--a community that can set a culture

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