Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quick Hits from Sentralized 2014--Neil Cole


The church we are accustomed to was born in a previous era and will never be repeated, and the training you have received has not prepare you for what you are about to experience.

Change is the order of the day

How are things different:

            • Credentials loose relevancy in a day
            • Education must be constant
            • A leader is no longer a bridge to the future
            • Resources cannot be banked--everything is unsure
            • Strategic decisions are not planned, but done in the moment
            • Expertise is no longer a currency because change is so fast
            • Traditions are irrelevant

This means we need multiplication growth instead of addition growth

How would you respond if 100 came to Christ in day in your ministry
Or 1000 in a week? Would you be equipped? 

Mulitiplication growth is necessary to reach a growing population with the gospel

This means we need to shed dependency and release control
Be less invested in the "stuff" of church

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