Thursday, October 16, 2014

Quick Hits from Alan Hirsch--Sentralized 2014


The talk began by discussing "What does it mean to be a movement"?

Examples of movements were shared. They included:
The Ancient Celts
The Reformation Era Moravians
The Wesleyan movement

Mark of a movement #1--
Embracing the call to REPENT

  • In order to learn, we need to unlearn
  • Must embrace the need to begin again

Mark of a movement #2--
  • Every believer is a church planter
  • Everyone is the seed of a movement
  • Every believer has the potential for church in them
  • Every cell has the DNA of the body of Christ in it
Movement killers in the church

1.  Non-discipleship of the church (what Dallas Willard calls the Great Omission)
  • You can do more wit 12 disciples than 1200 consumers of religion
  • Christianity without discipleship is a discipleship without Christ
  • If you don't want to hang out with Jesus now, what are you going to do with eternal life
  • Problem: The Catholic attempts to institutionalize grace through sacramental theology
  • Church needs to be always reforming
2.  The clergy-laity divide
  • Creates dependency
3.  We lead too much with service
4.  By supressing the agency of women

"The greatest truths are remembered not discovered or invented"


The pastor-centered model of ministry will not work if the church is to reach the world today. The Spirit's work is too big to be managed or contained by one executive.

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