Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Review of the Way of Grace by Glandion Carney

The Way of Grace
by Glandion Carney with Marjean Brooks
ISBN 978-0-8308-3594-2
IVP Formatio
Reviewed by Clint Walker

Have you ever felt like you could not do the things that you used to do, or wanted to do? Have you ever felt like you life was out of your control, and wondered where God was in the midst of that struggle and pain? Have you ever struggled to find God's presence in the midst of persistent pain, disease, or other challenges? If you have, than you will relate to Glandion Carney, and his journey of faith that he shares in The Way of Grace.

This book is a spiritual autobiography and reflection on what it is like to experience God, and find deeper faith while facing Parkinson's disease. Carney centers his story around the experience of God's grace. Throughout the book he shares his physical, emotional and spiritual struggles, and how he finds God to be more and more faithful even as his body falls apart. The book is raw and confessional, with Carney sharing some deeply personal struggles and giving his readers some insight into some not-so-pretty parts of his thought life. It also has a lot of depth, drawing inspiration from saints that lived both decades and centuries ago.

This book is easy to relate to and easy to read. It is also beautiful. As one reads Glandion's words and testimony, one is prompted to remember and be thankful for the grace in our lives as well

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