Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Book Review of Psalms for Everyone Part 1 by John Goldingay

Psalms for Everyone, Part 1

Psalms for Everyone: Part 1
by John Goldingay
ISBN 978-0-664-23383-9
Westminster John Knox Press
Reviewed by Clint Walker

I have become quite attached to the New Testament for Everyone by NT Wright. After all, who can argue with having a resource where someone as strong of a thinker as Tom Wright being able to explain the Bible, passage by passage, in a way that just about anyone could understand?

So, when we got to the Old Testament, and the For Everyone series was being authored by someone I had hardly heard of, I was suspicious. Would the high quality of the commentary series continue? Would it be worth investing in slowly adding to my collection of commentaries by bringing in the OT part of this series as well.

So, I found a way to get this book to review. And, as I looked through it, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by John Goldingay's work. The commentary does a great job at putting the passage into perspective, sharing its context, and some of the important literary strategies that the Psalmist is using. I think Goldingay might do a little bit better job at relating the truths of Scripture to everyday experience, especially in this study on the Psalms.

I am going to keep collecting these as I can, and add them to my collection of the "For Everyone" Series. I think you will be blessed by doing the same.

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