Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MSNBC and FOX NEWS joined at the hip

I cannot say I am really a moderate poltically. What I can say is that I am strongly conservative on some issues, strongly liberal on others, and radically moderate on others. So, I do not really fit in a poltical box.

About 8 years ago, I was a strong devotee to FOX NEWS. Fox was smart. I especially liked (and still do to a certain extent) Special Report with Brit Hume. I liked the all star panel at the end (which by the way has become more and more conservative). I watched O'Reilly reguarly and Hannity and Colmes occasionaly. Although, Hannity's way of thinking and his poor sense of logic have bothered me. Through the years, especially after 9/11, he has become more frequently irrational.

About 3 years ago, I started drifting over to MSNBC for some news coverage. I liked Tucker once he took his bow tie off. I have grown to enjoy, and still do, Hardball with Chris Matthews. Since I met my wife I watch a little of Countdown with Keith Oberlmann, but have never really liked him too much as a newsman. (Keith was a great sports guy) As much as Keith criticizes Billo, if their styles and egos are any indication, they could have been cojoined twins.

Last week they transitioned through Dan Abrams from Tucker Carlson to Rachel Maddow. The Air American diva makes the MSNBC transformation complete. Now MSNBC is as irrationally left wing as FOX NEWS is irrationally right wing. MSNBC and FOX NEWS are the same media philosophy, just with different political angles. They are joined at the hip.

Where does that leave folks like me? Anderson Cooper and Larry King as moderates? I don't think so.

I am very disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Very good point! I have noticed more and more how extremely far left or how extremely far right some are. I have not really found a media for non biased info.

Steve said...

I kept thinking the same thing when they ran their ads during the Olympics hyping Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann and their election team. I had to shake my head and think about how much I miss Tim Russert.


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