Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fruit Loop

Today I had a visit to one of our seniors in Ordway, about 18 miles from home. I took the long way around through Rocky Ford and stopped at the Knapp Fruit Stand. I ended up purchasing watermelon and some Palisade Peaches. Rocky Ford has a lot of agricultural business, and it is just down the county from us.

While I was at the fruit stand I though I would take some pictures of the produce:

Who knew that Rocky Ford was also a big onion producer. I did not. We usually buy onions one at a time though.

There were also pinto beans there that were locally harvested

This the flower garden next to the fruit stand. This is something I would like as a flower garden.

These are watermelons. I have never seen this type of watermelon before! How interesting.

Freshly harvested dill weed. You do not see that every day!

Most honeydew melon I have ever seeh has a greenish hue. Here, we see white honeydew in front, and yellow honeydew to the back left. To the right in the back are Rocky Ford Sweet Melons.


Heidi said...

Oh I wish our state could produce more the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes!
I am going to have to watch for those watermelon, maybe I can get them at New Sagia.

reliv4life said...

That is a serious bag of onions!! I LOVE fresh fruit and veggies! What all did you buy? this just inspires me to get my butt up early and go to farmer's market on saturday!

Anonymous said...

Fun fact, my wife Rachael was born and raised in Rocky Ford.
Also, I was born in the hospital in Rocky Ford. It was later transformed into a retirement center.


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