Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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There are a lot of trends today that were first started by men named Bubba, but we get no credit.

They are:

This thing the youngsters do nowadays where your pants hang halfway down your rear end. I was doing that with Husky jeans in 6th grade, but I got no credit for being an "early adopter" of this trend.

The thing that girls and some guys are doing now where your shirt does not quite cover your whole belly. Was doin' this long before all those fancy models picked this trend up.

Walmart Jesus Candles. I know this guy in Pueblo, CO who has a latch hook Jesus hanging on his wall that his momma made him. Cheap pictures of Elvis and Jesus have been a part of the Bubba landscape for generations

Trucker hats. I had a collection of these long before they were fashionable. They are just standard Bubbawear where I come from.

Micorbrews. Bubbas in Arkansas and all over were making these all the time and selling them all over the country. Where do you think NASCAR came from? Boys named Bubba soupin' up their cars so that they could sell their "microbrews" and get away from police like Rosco B on the Dukes of Hazzard.

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Don Tate II said...

Bubba, is it my browser or are your post not posting in order of most recent post. I've just discovered a bunch of stuff I hadn't read thinking you hadn't posted in awhile.

And in answer to your question about what blog, the blog I wrote afew months ago about my son and his soccer days will be published in my hometown newspaper, the Austin American Statesman later this summer.