Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quotes on Prayer

True whole prayer is nothing but love--St.Augustine

Pray as you can, not as you can't--Dom John Chapman

To come to the pleasure you have not you must go by a way you enjoy not.--St. John of the Cross

Prayer is the inner bath of love into which we plunge ourself--St John Vianney

Tears are like blood in the wounds of the soul--Gregory of Nyssa

What we need is a desire to know the whole will of God, with the desire to do it--John Wesley

O my divine Master, teach me this mute language which says so many things--Jean-Nocholas Grou

Do not forget that the value and interest of life is not so much to do conspicuous to do ordinary things with the perception of their enourmous value--
Teilhard de Chardin

Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the Kingdom.--Spurgeon

Intercessory prayer is the purifying bath into which the individual and the fellowship must enter every day.--Bonhoeffer

It is the prayer of agony which saves the world--St. Mary of Jesus

God has instituted preayer as to confer upon his creatures the dignity of being causes.--Blaise Pascal

To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.--Barth


Don Tate II said...

My grandfather taught us to pray with our hands sort of a stretched up and out, like a modified "T"

The Gig said...

My dad always taught us to pray toward the "East," I believe he said that we would be facing the Temple of God.