Saturday, May 21, 2005

Devils and Dust

Took a little listen to the new Springsteen album. For me, this is one of his most powerful, artistic albums.

Take a listen to the lyrics of the chorus of"Devils and Dust"

Fear's a dangerous thing
It can turn your heart so black you can trust
It will take your God filled soul
Fill it with devils and dust

Another verse I find just as compelling

"Now every woman and every man
They want to take a righteous stand
Find the love that God wills
And the faith that he commands
Ive got my finger on the trigger
And tonight faith just aint enough
When I look inside my hear
Ther's just devils and dust"

Reno is another ballad with a dark twist...a story about an encounter with a prostitute full of longing for something better.

A song about life change called "Long Time Coming".

"Tonight I am going to get birth naked and bury my old soul. And dance on its grave." he sings and "And down below and pullin on my shirt, I got some kids of my own. Well, if I had one with in this god-forsaken world, kids, it'd be that your mistakes would be you own. Yea your mistakes would be your own."

"Black Cowboys" is another narrative ballad with a compelling storyline.

There are a lot of other songs, almost like a strange mix between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. A kind old west/folk feel with at least a few songs advocating for Latin American immigrants.

All in all a good album. One of his best in years, if not his best ever artistically

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