Saturday, August 13, 2005

BTK and segmenting your life

I watched an in depth dateline story on the BTK killer in Wichita. Very interesting. Probably most interesting to me is how easy it is to live "dual lives" and segment ourselves off from other parts of ourselves.

With BTK, he was able to segment the BTK killer person off from the family man who was a compliance officer and a president of his Lutheran church. He could just wall off the bad parts of him into a specific time and place, and live the rest of life differently.

It made me think about how we do that a lot of times in our lives. Many of us segment off "God time" into specific sections of the day or week. And then take the rest as "our time". We segment the party self from the responsible self. We lived divided lives. It seems to me that part of the mission of Christ is to help us live whole, undivided lives. And that is a lot easier said than done a lot of times.

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