Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Friar's Life

Wonder where I have been?

In case you have not been paying attention, last week was working at camp. It was an adventure. At times I wanted to scream, but in any event I thought in total it went very well.

Our theme was "Glow in the Dark Faith". That was the theme for the year put together by my buddy Mike.

I went a little different direction and had a different type of light for a theme for every day. It was pretty fun!

Some of my talks I thought were a little too creative for 3-6 grade, but for the most part they went really well. The kids went out of their way to say that I did a good job of sharing about faith in a way that makes sense to them and they could understand, which they did not have to do! So, I guess I will take that at face value and assume that they thought that I did a good job.

I also pulled out my alter-ego Nancy from Templed Hills camp past, as I guarded the girls cabin until their counselor came back to camp. (About an hour and a half of sitting on the front porch of the cabin listening to girls giggle inside.) (The alter-ego Nancy is about telling the gals I just want to be "one of the gals" when I enter their space. That and speaking in a high-pitched voce that makes them giggle.)

Some of our staff situation was interesting, and since it was the last week before they sell the camp to developers it was a hard week in that regard.

The hard thing about juniors is that they don't make those giant mountaintop leaps of faith the way that a lot of high school and middle school kids do. And that is a difficult thing to get used to, especially when that is how a lot of people justify the success and failure of camp.

Camp food. Ate way too much! Hopefully all the walking up and down hills will make up for it!



Kim Traynor said...

My experience of Christian summer camps is almost exclusively as a volunteer. I can sum it up like this: Work so hard you can't see straight, get a sunburn and/or flesh wound, lose five lbs in a week.

Just kidding, I loved summer camp. I did production stuff for the high school ministry for a few years and it was amazing to see how being in a new setting and really digging into the Word could open up the students minds to God in ways that just didn't happen at a regular Sunday night event.

traci said...

Camp is probably one of my favorite things... well not probably... it is. I have done so much growing as a person and in Christ at camp.

I have been going to camp since the summer before 4th grade. I went every year until the summer after I graduated. Mr. Clint/Nancy here was the director at a few of those camps. I started counseling when I was going to be a freshman or sophomore in high school and have not missed a summer yet. I spent 3 summers counseling all summer and getting paid for it... it was excellent!

Anyway... you can hear more about my camping experiences by viewing my blog. I love talking about camp so if you care to know what I know let me know!

Anonymous said...

I went twice. There was singing, laughing and a lot of fun. Cool food, too.