Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The 40 year old virgin and me

Ok I saw the 40-year old virgin movie. It was both funny and depressing.

Is it worth going to in the theatres? I guess it depends who you go with. It is like a strange mix of Dumb and Dumber meets a romantic comedy.

In the course of the movie I noticed that my action figures that I own have been increasing since my 30th birthday. (The forty year old virgin has a huge collection of action figures.)

On my previous post you saw my Jesus action figures. I just purchased a Friar Tuck action figure, and I have a HULA HOMER and a talking Homer dashboard doll as well. Both also speak!

Part of me enjoys these toys, and part of me looks at the movie and starts to feel a little weird about them. Should I?

At least I have a car!


Oricon Ailin said...

Don't feel bad about action figures!! JP collects tons of 'em!! hehehe

Brotha Buck said...

I wouldn't worry about the action figures. Keep em. Now if you're still a virgin, um, I'm worried about those little action figures.