Thursday, August 11, 2005

Muticultural Haircutting experiences and my newest adventure

Well, once again I have had a multicultural haircutting adventure.

My first experience of this kind was when I was in KC KS. I went into a haircutting school and got assigned to a gentleman who "had never cut Caucasian hair before". He suggested that when he got to a barber shop he would simply do the vaccuum cutter for us white folks, as getting a sight line for cutting was too difficult with us.
Soon, I had several students standing around me learning how to cut a "Caucasian man's" hair. (He was so carefult to call me Caucasian instead of white)

A couple of years later I went into a haircutting place to get my hair done before my sister's wedding. This woman was Laotian. She kept telling me, no matter what I said, "I give you clipper cut #5, YOU LIKE. YOU SEE. SIT DOWN." She was correct about what I would like, but the language and cultural barriers were hillarious.

Today I had a man that had grown up in Spain and in Italy cut my hair at Fantastic Sam's. Some how my understanding of what I wanted and his understanding of what I wanted got mixed up, and now my hair is very bleach blonde! The nephews were scared of me when I came home, and I am still not sure what to think, except to say that they adventure of a new dew was a lot of fun! I am a little scared of what others are going to think once I get home though.


The Gig said...

LOL, LOL, that is indeed hallarious! It's interesting how you've gotten to have your hair cut in diversity. I am curious; however, how you look with the blonde dew. Come on, post us a picture.

About your comment on my post, yes, that is frustrating when friends suddenly fade out of your life, especially those that you had gotten very close to.

Don Tate II said...

Now this is the one place in life where unfortunately race matters. I've never had my haircut by a a white guy, and I'd be too scared too. Our hair is just different. And unless I knew he knew how to cut it, I'd just have to wait for the brotha. Thats not racist either. I live in Austin and I cant find a good black barber either. So I've been cutting my own hair.

Anonymous said...

Bleach blond is not a bad look, all things considered.

Brea said...

Yikes! I had an intercultural hair experience that left me scarred for life. I'm all about multiculturalism - but NOT when it comes to MY hair. Funny post - I want to see a picture!!!