Thursday, August 18, 2005

It is fall again?! (sigh)

It has been raining like crazy out here. And that actually has been fun.

In the old days, it seemed like summer was more laid back in ministry...and least in my ministry. That has certainly not been the case this year, and I am frustrated because it is fall already and I have been so busy with summer stuff that I am in no way ready for fall. Yet at the same time, I want to take time to rest and recouperate from the summer.

So, I have to get all my teachers together, get the fall program together, get all the budget and writing work done, and get ready for the normal youth group routine to start all over again. And all of that in just a few weeks.


The good thing is that I like the more regular routine of the school year. I know the schedule better, enjoy the pace of ministry better, feel like I am not always caught in a whirlwind. And, for the most part, after labor day people are done with their vacations until Turkey Day and Christmas, which makes it easier to find volunteers to support certain activities and programs.

I also like the activities of fall. Hiking weather, when it is not raining, is much nicer. I like the whole sweatshirt and shorts things at soccer games. And it seems that this year a lot of our youth will be more involved in school activities than in years past, which is always very cool to go watch all the youth at school and in their activities.

This year will be a lot different here. There is a lot of pressure for me to get a second service going. Our youth group is quickly moving from a predominately junior high group to a group with more high schoolers. The vacation was not restful at ALL, and now I am not wanting to deal with anything or anyone remotely stressful. And I am feeling guilty about that.


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