Thursday, August 18, 2005

Failure at 4:30....the blues

As most of you my last couple weeks have been chaotic. Well....lets say the last couple months. The trouble with all of that is that I have gotten out of my routine of self-care. I ate mass quanities of unhealthy stuff at bacon eggs and hash browns for breakfast every morning. My trip to see my sister was not that much better. Although I think I did a heroic job of avoiding boredom eating by web surfing, I have gotten out of my routine of making my own meals, eating in instead of eating out, and the like.

So I got 10 cent folders at Walmart for a log of exercise and diet stuff. The thing is, I am avoiding the log. Cause I am having a hard time getting back into the rhythym of healthy eating and exercise (and it is a rhythm of life for me that makes that happen). Part of getting out of this rhythym is my summer schedule, and part of it is my workaholic ways. Either way, most of my diet, schedule, and exercise is something I need to own or take responsibility for.

So I went to the coffee shop for a standing meeting that I established that nobody else ever shows up for. And while I was waiting I had a bagel with cream cheese! I was not hungry, but I needed to look like I was doing something while I was waiting so I bought the bagel and ate it.

I got in the car, and realized I was eating when I was not really hungry. I was falling in the bad patterns of eating what is easy and when I feel obligated too. And I told myself, "Today like yesterday is a dietary failure!" (Well add some expletives in as well).

Then another thought came into my head. "It is only 4:30pm. I have had lunch and a bagel for a snack, but the day is not complete yet. Infact, if you just cut back a little bit at dinner and don't snack, the day might even be considered a dietary success!"

Why do I share this? Cause I think it fits a pattern in my life and others lives as well. Just because you failed at 4:30, doesnt mean you are a failure at midnight. Press on, and realize that there is always more time left to grow and change until your time is done.


rubyslipperlady said...

You can indeed, always hit restart. Never say never and press on toward the finishline, the prize is big -- nothing like resting in the loving arms of Jesus after a long hard race!

Friar Tuck said...

Unfortanely, at 8:30 I went out with some church folks for Mexican.