Sunday, August 21, 2005

Inspirational Quotes

From the Emerging Sideways blog:

Many things can wait.
Children cannot.
Today their bones are being formed,
their blood is being made,
their senses are being developed.
To them we cannot say “tomorrow.”
Their name is today.

Gabriela Mistral

And from my Great-Grandmother's obituary:

Life Means Living

It is a false belief that life necessarily wears itself out as the years go by. Life means living, in so long as we live with our eyes open toward the future, with ours ears attuned to catch the melody of the present day, with our hands eager for the new tasks, with our feet impatient for the unexplored path before us, we shall not grow old; but we shall remain young in heart and mind and spirit, which, after all, are our real selves.


Kim Traynor said...

I love the quote from the obituary. Did you write that?

Friar Tuck said...

no, it was in the stuff that she had set aside for her funeral i think