Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bariatric Diet: Day 1 at home

Below is a picture of the potential benefits of bariatric surgery. Too bad it is a picture of a chick:

My current diet consists of the following. I got out of the hospital yesterday:

2 cups of Jello: 8 oz
2 cups of broth: 8oz
3 servings of protien drink: 16 oz
water: 8oz
g2: 4 oz
sugar free popcycles: 8oz
dosage since waking of liquid vicodin: 30 ml
meds: lisinopril, hydrochlorthiazide, claritin, vitamin D, iron supplement, multivitamin

emotions: frustrated, strong, accomplished, bored

total so far: 48oz
goal: 6o oz

Physical pain: It still feels like there is a lot of spasming and cramping not related to diet going on in my stomach. I can't describe it. It feels a little like hunger pangs, and a little like what my ankle feels like when I sprain it.

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