Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sleeve Surgery 2.2: Rewards


A few weeks back, Jennifer and I had a conversation about rewards for meeting milestones in our weight loss journey. What were going to be rewards we were going to look at? And at what milestones.

At the girls' birthday party, one supportive member of our church slipped me a little card to encourage me approaching the surgery. Inside was a gift to go toward a new suit--I assume given the context once I have shrunken out of the old one.

So, I have been giving this some thought. When do I look at a new suit? What other rewards might I set up for myself to encourage me on the journey.

Here are my thoughts so far: (all weights are "post-surgical")

If I lose 25 lbs...not sure yet...

If I lose 41 lbs...get a new dress shirt

If I lose 50 lbs....begin to look into adoption of another child (maybe)

If I lose 75 lbs...start training for a 5k

If I lose 100 suit

If I lose 125 lbs....apply for D.Min

2 shakes
1 snow cone
1 Gatorade
1 jello
4 oz instant potato
12 oz water


tired, discouraged


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