Sunday, June 09, 2013

Getting Back Into the Groove

For a long time, I have been slacking on this blog. Sure I have been using for reviews, which is all well and good. But I have failed to use it for its original purpose, which was to improve writing skills and to find ways to "think out loud" about my life and ministry. I am wanting to get back to that. I figure since I don't have "meals" so to speak for the next month, it might be a good time to find my voice again.

Things I plan on talking about:

  • Challenges and life as a pastor/minister
  • sermons I am working on....and sermon series
  • Life after bariatric surgery
  • things about kids and marriage
  • Other random thoughts that escape me if I don't take time to articulate them and write them down
  • Pictures I have taken
  • Life in South Dakota
  • Books
  • Quotes that I find interesting
  • Current events
Most of my devotional work will be tied in with our church website. WHen I post there I will also set up a link on this blog however.

I think I need to blog more regularly again. I need this in order to be mentally sharp and to have a disciplined time of reflection. Besides, with this connected to the Twitter and the Facebook, I should get lots of feedback about some things. 

It has always been my goal as a minister of the gospel to be open and transparent. I admit at times in the last few years I have been withdrawing. Perhaps blogging will help.

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