Thursday, June 13, 2013

End of Bariatric Week 1

Looking at this picture made me think. What I started to think about was my goals from my surgery. To be honest, I don't really want to be thin, at least like this picture suggests. That is not the goal of this surgery. I know there are people that want that for me. And they are entitled to their opinion.

What I do want to be is THINNER. I want to be mobile and healthy. The sleeve surgery will take off about 60 percent of my excess body weight. I am shooting, in the end, for a little more like 75 percent. 

I am not shooting for a BMI that will make the people who do those silly charts label me as in a "normal" or "healthy" range. I personally think the whole BMI thing is a lot of BS. If I could get to a normal playing weight that I would have had in football in college, that will be fine by me. 

I anticipate wanting to eat healthier as I go along, but I am still going to want to have some of my favorite foods. Just a lot less of them.

The next couple of days on this post I think I will share some of the things I am looking forward to as I lose weight.

Some good experiences today. Clothes that I used to struggle fitting into now fit well. Getting lots of good feedback from people at church. I have been amazed how supportive people in church have been of us having this surgery. Especially since some of the expense in coming out of our medical flex. But people have been very encouraging of our decision to get the gastric sleeve, and I have felt very little judgement. I am not sure every church would have reacted this way. We are blessed. 

Experienced my first day with real fatigue today. I am exhausted. Had a hard time forming sentences or carrying through with a thought in the afternoon. Had a moment where I couldn't really feel my legs under me after I got up, they felt like stilts. That was kind of scary. But I think they just fell asleep, just in a different way than I had experienced before. 

I have developed this habit of masticating food, and then spitting it out in the dog bowl before I eat it. I know this sounds like an eating disorder, but out of context limiting myself to this few calories also seems like an eating disorder as well. I want to taste food, even if I am not allowed to eat any yet. 

I have been thinking about my surgical hospital experience. I usually do not get too attached to medical personnel. They are professionals, and I am a customer they will probably not see again. Having said that, the staff at Black Hill Surgical Center could not have been better on the whole. I really felt like the nursing staff cared, and I connected with a few of them.

I am planning on a top 10 list of things not to do to help your friends or family lose weight, and why, but I am too tired right now. Some of the medical people in church said that one needs about six months to feel completely right after being under anesthesia. I am starting to believe it. I want to sleep a lot. Now I don't have the opportunity to do it, I miss it.


22 oz protein drink
8 oz sugar free jello pudding
24 oz g2
24 oz water

78 oz total

morning good
afternoon ok
evening was a struggle
feeling worn out



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