Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Book Review on Meditation and Communion with God by John Jefferson Davis

Meditation and Communion with God: Contemplating Scripture in an Age of Distraction
by John Jefferson Davis
ISBN 978-0-8308-3976-6
IVP Academic
Reviewed by Clint Walker

I love learning more about spiritual formation and transformation. There is a lot of good literature out there on the subject. This book, however, is a great read for a totally different reason. It is an academic book that offers a theological and philosophical framework for the practice of mediation of God through the Scriptures.

Meditation and Communion with God is not for everyone. It is not a how to manual for meditation on Scripture, although it does offer some practical insights. It uses a lot of big words like "inaugurated eschatology" and "biblical epistemology". In the process, though, it deepens one's knowledge and understanding of the practice of meditation of Scripture.

There were several points, as a pastor, in this book, where I blocked of a page or two and said, "preach this", or "study this more". The description and development, as well as the Scriptural references regarding a disciples "union with God" I though was especially helpful. Also helpful was the author's explanation of God's presence with us, and his relating that presence to modern cellular/wireless technology. Davis also takes several pages at different points in the book to differentiate Christian meditation from the meditation practices of other world religions, both in their worldview and in their ultimate goals.

This is a book I will return to again and again. Each time, I think I will understand it a little better. It is a tremendous asset for those who want an academic understanding of spiritual practices, and will serve as a wonderful textbook for teachers and disciple-makers in the future.

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