Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gastric Sleeve Week 3.1

After continuing to struggle with dizzy spells, I called the health coach. She talked to the doctor. They have cut me back on my blood pressure medication. My bp was getting quite low. Being without the bp medicine does seem to help me with not being so dizzy.

Being able to eat a few more things does make me feel more "normal" again. I don't always feel like I have to sit with a protein drink while everyone eats. I am still eating different things than everyone else though, which makes me feel a little sad.

A big plus is my clothes are fitting different. I even refused to wear one shirt because I felt like it was too big to wear anymore. Thies is good news.

While my waistline feels more under control, other things are spinning out of control. Attendance is down at church this summer, which is truly discouraging.

I am eager to go weigh in tomorrow. I am hoping to lose another 5 pounds since Thursday morning. We will see. A fella can always hope, can't he?

Moved to puree and some soft foods

2 shakes
froyo w/ berries
1/2 serving of grilled talapia
2 eggs
lots of water

I have also discovered the joy of Greek yogurt, as it was suggested by my health care people.

Kind of down the last couple of days, my body is feeling out of control. I feel weaker and still struggle a bit with dizziness

Feeling good. Everything is working the way it should

Total 53 this year
43 since process began
23 since surgery

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