Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bubba's Bariatric Adventure Day 3

Thoughts for the day: 

First, you will see some stats comparing the three major bariatric surgeries. I chose the sleeve, because it was more aggressive than the band, but not as risky and difficult as the bypass.

I think I am getting more used to the no food thing today. Yesterday was hard, in part because there was food on the table I really wanted to eat. I even chewed and spit a few times. Jennifer has moved into more food more quickly, but I think I am going to follow the doctors programs...perhaps with an occasional "cheat". I think it will be easier to do what I need to do when I have to work, and I am not thinking about the food I am missing eating right now. My one week appointment is tomorrow, and I will probably be released to do more yogurt and pudding. I try and keep thinking about how things are going to be when clothes fit better, and I can exercise more.

Right now I hate ads for pizza and burgers. I miss them still. Yum.

Food Diary
8--fruit popcycle
9--4oz protien shake
10--8oz water
12:30--8oz water
2--4 oz protein shake
5--4 oz protein shake
6-8 oz water
7--4oz water
8--4 oz gelatin

Mood Diary --positive, enjoying solitude, anxious about work, thankful for church

Loo Diary--
colace works....a little too well

Weight--no report

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