Monday, June 17, 2013

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Week 2.3

The Dizzy Friar and a number of other random thoughts
I have spent the last couple of days moving slower. This is because I am very dizzy anytime I try and move quickly or begin any moderate activity. This becomes more scary because, well, I am a big fella and when the room starts spinning, my eyes go up in my head, and my legs get a little rubbery there is not much anyone can do or wants to do. Luckily I have not passed out yet.

I do not know what is causing this, except to say that my wife experienced the same thing the first couple of weeks as well. She is the one that checks message boards and community circles and stuff (I just look for blogs) on the topic.

This feeds into one of my fears about the whole process....becoming weaker as I lose weight. I am not the strongest guy around, but generally I am not the weakest. Although I am happy to lose some weight, I also want to be the big strong guy, both inside and out. It is kind of at the core of who I understand myself to be and who I aspire to be. In this process, I feel like I have been weakened, and I don't like it.

Sometimes I am wondering if I am losing weight too fast. 20lbs in 10 days. Then again, every day I have to say d**n, my clothes fit a lot better.

Another benefit of the surgery, we are spending A LOT less money. Not only on meals, but on things like pop or snacks or coffees.

I was told I could have puree by the end of the week. This makes me very happy. Now to look up bariatric puree recipees.......

Coming soon....the big motivators for losing weight....the wrongheaded ways people try to motivate weight loss in others....10 things I am looking forward to after losing 100 lbs....

2 protien shakes
lots of water
4 oz instant potato

minute maid light lemonade
strawberry shake
very small bites of quesadilla and strawberry
chicken broth
very small bites of noodles

Tired and wondering when I am going to stop being dizzy


down 20 since surgery
down 50 overall

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