Friday, June 14, 2013

Sleeve Surgery Week 2 Day 1


Today was a busy day. I ended up working until about 10:30. And, I started to the office a little before 9. Took a lot of work for one week after surgery. I have a lot to do tomorrow as well.

I said I was going to share one thing I was looking forward to after I lose some weight. The one think that I really want to do is to be able to shop in JCPenney and Fred Meyer's big and tall section again. JCPenney has a limited big and tall selection. So I usually have to buy shirts from places like Casual Male Big and Tall. My hope is that I can fit into some of their stuff by Christmas. And, perhaps, even be able to buy a suit off the rack at Men's Warehouse. I have a long way to go, but there you of my goals.

12 oz g2
22 oz shake
4 oz jello
4 oz instant potato (yum)
4 oz juice bar

40 oz water

Up and down. Very busy day.


lost 3 pounds in the last 2 days

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