Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bariatric Surgery Diet Day 4

It gets old having everything you eat have to be milky and soft. I am still waiting for the day that I can have something yummy and feel normal again. These protein shakes begin to get really old. Enough complaining though, because the weight is coming off. Perhaps a little bit too fast, but at this point I am not complaining. 

I am hoping to reach my low weight (another 25 lbs or so) with weight watchers by my next doctor's appointment.

I don't really feel all that hungry. And I have found that I can tolerate greater liquid amounts than many people who have a similar surgery. 

I had my one week appointment today. It was a positive experience. They were happy to see my progress.

The first thing the nurse said was, "Your surgery was awesome. I loved being there. Thanks."

I had never met the nurse before the surgery. So her first impression of me was watching me strapped down naked on a table. with a catheter eventually jammed up my penis, exposed to the world.  My first thought is, "Let's pretend we never shared the same space during the surgical experience." My second thought was to say, "I am glad I made such a great impression. I bet you will be even more impressed with me now that you get to visit with me in person."I get it though. It was her first sleeve surgery to observe. You never forget your first time.

The appointment went well. I have been upgraded from "clear liquids" to "full liquids". By the 21st I should be able to do "pureed liquids". 

Most people have been impressed with how rapidly I have recovered. 

Before surgery, I rarely thought about food. I just ate it. Unless I was forced to think about it while dieting. Now, I think about food all the time. I dream about eating. I look at food longingly. I find it hard to be present at dinner time when everyone is eating. That is not to say that I have hunger pains. I just miss the food, the ritual, the event, the whole process. 

Anyway...that is the rollercoaster. Happy for the results. Feeling accomplished. But really wanting to grab a whole bowl full of food, and shove it down, to heck with the consequences. All at the same time,

15 oz protein drink
20 oz water
20 oz gatorade
1 cup pudding
I child size frosty ( I know, I am not supposed to)

All over the place.

Down 7 from Monday
Down 13 from surgery
Down 43 from January

Was told by medical staff to lay off the medication that gets stuff moving...thank God.

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