Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quotes from Practicing Resurrection by Eugene Peterson--from the chapter on the Armor of God

When the tactics of fear are used in Christian communities to motivate a life of trust in God and love of neighbor, habits of maturity never have a chance to develop (p. 252)

When the church reduces its preaching and teaching to punchy slogans and cliches, it abandones the richly nuanced intricacies that bring all parts of lives into a supple and grace-filled wholeness (p. 252)

The practice of resurrection is thoroughly pacifist, but never passive (p. 263)

"Let us take the devil by the rear, and surprise him with a dose of those gentler virtues that will be poison to him, At least when the world is in extremities, the doctrine of love becomes the ultimate measure of our conduct."--Herbert Butterfield (p. 265)

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