Friday, September 16, 2005

Blog buddy review Part 2

There are several people I have met in my blogging experience. Here are a few of them to read about and link to:

"Brotha Buck" aka Don Tate is a children's book illustrator from Austin TX. From my impression of him, he is a guy who is generally quiet, who uses his blog and his art to express himself. He can often be a little "un-PC", and I think he takes pride in that.

Brea is a young woman from somewhere on the East Coast--I am not sure where. She is gorgeous, smart, and sweet, and lately has been experiencing a little bit of a funk. She seems to be on the extended plan to get through school, and seems to have a lot of fun with her friends around town.

Heather is a business manager and a Lord of the Rings and video game fanatic. She lives in El Paso, TX. She is engaged to be married, struggles with asthma, and works with the youth at her Episcopalian church.

Kim is a painter/artist from Elgin, IL. She likes to talk a lot about the happenings at her church (Willow Creek Community Church). She generally seems like a conservative church girl, and then she surprises you by talking downing a can of MGD with Ramen noodles, or she gets into this big discussion about sex as the ultimate pain reliever. These diversions make me smile.

Raven is a woman who lives in suburban Denver. I originally ran into her through the legendary Citrus Critic blog--which I still miss terribly. She just moved in with her daughter in law, is a grandmother, and is a little bit ornery.

Januea and Robin are both friends of Sarah. They have a shared love for the musical group Cross-Canadian Ragweed, and seem to have a lot of fun with their weekends. Januea lives in Wheatridge, CO and Robin lives in Topeka,KS (poor thing).

Chiquita is a friend of my good buddy Dan's wife. She lives in the LA area. Her blog is about movies.

Cheryl is a worship minister in Florida. Have not seen her around in a while in blogland, and is about to get erased from my links.

MZ. Gig is Brotha Buck's momma, and she lives in Des Moines IA. I think she does social work type things with children and teens. She loves her family and her church (a small SDA church from what I can tell.)


.: raven :. said...

this is a nice intro into your blog list for other readers ....kind of gives a synopsis into what a person would find while blog surfing ... thank you!

who moi? onery? nawww *wink*

Friar Tuck said...

Your welcome!

Kim Traynor said...

I ~heart~ Willow Creek!

Great idea with the little write-ups! Maybe I'll do that! And Cheryl, come back, we miss you!

Brea said...

"gorgeous, smart, and sweet" Thanks! Do you owe me money or something? ;) And I think the funk is over for now - I hope . . .

januea said...

Good idea. Thanks for the write ups! By the way... love your picture!!

Anonymous said...

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