Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Fave Videos

As I have been working out the last three days, I have taken to watching videos on MTV while I exercise. Here are a few of my faves and why...

On MTV 2--Ludicrous--Pimpin' all over the World
This is a fun song and video. It was filmed in South Africa, and has lots of picturesque scenery (of both kinds, but I was referring specifically to African landscape.) It has both a good beat and a good melody, which is becoming increasingly rare with a lot of rap that has gone the way of Busta Rhymes with his hicuppy, herky jerky style.

On CMT--Gretchen Wilson--All Jacked Up
Who can deny a video that has cameos by Larry the Cable Guy, Larry the Cable Guy in drag, Charlie Daniels and Kid Rock. And, oh yeah, Bocephus himself HANK WILLIAMS JR. This is definitely a honky tonk party song that probably could cross over as some sort of mellow southern rock on mainstream stations. The video is funny....and did I mention HANK WILLIAMS JR walks into the bar in the middle of the video.

On VH1--Jessica Simpson--These Boots are Made for Walkin'
Getting less airplay now, but still a fun video to watch. Especially if you are male and hetrosexual. But Willie Nelson showing up in this video adds a little to it as well.

On MTV--Gorillaz--Feel Good Inc.
In my mind, one of the most brilliant videos that I have seen artistically in a long time, although it will only make you curious as I tell you about it. It has this mix of Japanese Animation, Dali like dreamscape imagery, and in sections like scenes of people that resembles the Blair Witch projects. This fits well with the music in the video with has rock guitars, kind of a techno-bluesy hook, and a little rap as a bridge in sections. You need to watch this video.


Brotha Buck said...

I have one question? You actually found some music videos on MTV? I thought it was all reality all the time.

Friar Tuck said...

LOL. Yes I did, but it was about 130am your time. I sometimes feel guilty and workout late night/early morning!

SUPER said...

1. You liking any song that has the word "Pimpin" in the title strikes me as funny.
2. I love Gretchen Wilson!
3. Like Jessica Simpson..and she is beautiful..but that video..make music for the music..not to show your body! (Oh..yeah Willie!)
4. Never heard of this one at all!