Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blog buddy review

Every once in a while I like to introduce you all to some of my friends in blog land.

I think I will start with people I have met:

Becca is a classy, super-intelligent friend of mine from Montana. She also seems to have a consistent case of vocational ADD. But, she has been doing youth ministry and planting a youth center in Bozeman for the last two years or so. She is also embarking on her Masters Degree at Bethel Seminary in Minneapolis--St Paul.

Tim is a first year professor at Bethel College in MSP (although he has taught at other colleges). He is also a very intelligent man as well, and shares a lot about what he thinks and what he reads. His blog also has a link to his story about Charlie Parker.

Amy is friend of mine from college. She is working on a Masters degree in cross-cultural communication. One of the most fun and playful people I have ever met, she contiunes to wow all of us with her zest for life (except when she is working on her Masters Thesis). Amy is also attending Bethel College in MSP, although Tim, his wife Nicole nor Becca have ever met Amy.

Sarah is Amy's little sister, and she lives in Denver. Sarah just tried out for American Idol--and she blogged all about it. She also talks a lot about her nights out with friends (like Brea). Sarah has got several of her friends into the blogging circut as well, but we will talk more about them later. Her OLDER sister Amy is still trying to figure out the proper use of the phrase OH SNAP! which is the title of Sarah's blog.

Traci was a student that I met through camps and youth gatherings for a number of years in Montana. She is now student teaching in her hometown of Roundup, MT and attending Sioux Falls University in South Dakota.

Emily is a high school student of mine that has made on entry on her blog on a day that she thought it was cool that I had one. She soon decided that the phone and instant messaging her girlfriends is much more interesting. She lives in the Springs, but her hometown with most of her extended family is in McPherson, KS.

The Bubba's Bible Blog is my irregular attempt at a devotional website.


becca said...

Ha! Vocational ADD--is there a better way in the world to sum up my professional life??

Nope. You hit that nail.

I'm seriously laughing out loud. "LOL" just doesn't seem to capture how much I'm laughing right now.

The Gig said...

Your friends sound like intelligent and just plain good people. Thanks for sharing those pictures on the internet

rubyslipperlady said...

Must we really continue to stress that I am the OLDER sister? I mean, really.